7 responses to “Joystick and 2 28YBJ-48 stepper motors”

  1. Wireless control of 2 stepper motors

    […] month ago I wrote a sketch to control 2 little stepper motors with an analog joystick. After getting the Nrf24L01 modules to […]

  2. Joe Bell

    Hi, Your sketch is excellent, one quick question would it need modiying much if my steppers are running through an ADAfruit Motor Shield?


  3. Marius

    Regarding the >2000 steps: I think the motor itself has 48 steps/turn plus a 1/64 reduction gear. This results in 48×64=3072 steps per turn.
    And 92 mA is the current per wire, not for the whole motor…

  4. Matt

    Awesome but wont work for me and I cant tell why, would there be anyway to incorporate buttons for left right?

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