9 responses to “Continuous rotation servos and Arduino”

  1. don

    can i use these types of sketch to control a esc

  2. Camila


    I’m having problems connecting 2 continuous rotation servos to the arduino board. I can manage to rotate only one and if I try to stop it continues moving.

    I’m using this diagram to connect everything


    would be really useful if you can help me

    thank you in advance 😉

  3. Luis

    Thanks for the information, I’ve learned a lot from this. I have the same servo, and, as a noob, I didn’t know how this motors worked untill now. I have to keep track of the current, because I was working with the servo directly connected to the Arduino for the tests, I did noticed that when it was working the “on” light was dimming a little.

  4. Saranshh Chhawchharia

    what did you use supply power to servos??

  5. anil

    I need to operate continous servo at differnet agnle 0,90,180,270,360. is it possible to stop at these postions. pplz help me with any demo code if you have

  6. Nick

    @anil, sorry, but continuous “servos” don’t have positional feedback. A better name for “continuous servo” would be simply a geared motor. If you need continuous motion and angle feedback you’ll need to provide some external position feedback.

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