49 responses to “Obstacle avoiding robot made from cheap parts”

  1. Kyle

    I was hoping you could tell me the resistor values on the L293 schematic? i would really appreciate it! big fan of your site! Thanks!

  2. Kyle

    one more question. I was just wondering what the input voltage was needed to power the motors. Also do i need to make my own 5v supply for the driver, or do i use the power off the arduino? so basically, do i need a power supply for the motor, the IC, and the arduino. thats 3 power supplies. Also i really want your bajduino!!!!!! how much man!!! you should put them up for sale on your site with directions on how to use them to make your robots. I think you would make a few bucks on it. anyways. Hope to hear from you soon. Names Kyle. THanks

  3. Kyle

    awesome thanks for the help. I finished the bot last night. Working pretty good. Now i need to figure out a new project. AHHHH

  4. fatima khalid

    I followed your instructions and the hardware is working fine, but the wheels keep rotating in opposite directions that is the robot keeps spinning. is there a problem in my wiring or the code?

  5. Raj Bose

    I copy pasted the sketch, but it does not compile, shows errors.
    Can you please send a detailed schematic too.

    Many many thanks.


  6. aman

    can u please tell me the price of srO4 SENSOR at which u buyed?

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  8. mikerotch

    I noticed you aren’t using pin 7 and 10 on the l239D at all. I was under the impression that these were used for controlling the speed. And that the enable pins (1, 9) indicate whether a motor is being used on that side of the chip, and 5V should be fed into those pins if there are motors there. Am i not understanding something?


  9. ahmed

    two questions
    firstly what is the use of that transistor you are using
    secondly could you please include a link to a sketch that uses delays because i want to compare these two and i cant seem to find one
    thanks alot
    nice project BTW

  10. mamun

    in verifying your code i got the error>>”NewPing does not name a type”

  11. mamun

    Still confusing with the operation of transistor>>would u plz explain more about transistor??

  12. mamun

    What is the meaning of this line of code
    “#define runEvery(t) for (static typeof(t) _lasttime;(typeof(t))((typeof(t))millis() – _lasttime) > (t);_lasttime += (t))

  13. Abdullah al Mamun

    i made this with arduino uno. i saw your video. But the problem is, your and my robot is going in right(slightly)not is straight. Should i edit/add code to solve this???

    1. Aakash

      Abdullah please tell me the circuit connection of sensors and ic293 with aruino uno kit.

  14. jack ryan

    im trying out your code and im having compiling errors with line 220
    NO_ECHO was not declared in this scope.
    im using Arduino ide 1.0.5 with atmega8 board.
    any advice?

  15. Ross Potts

    I found your code to be the closest thing to work with the 4pin SR04 and still be understandable.

    I have borrowed your code and added some modularizations for the motorshield I am using plus its libraries. I have the sweeping SR04 working and reporting distances and hope to have the body rolling tomorrow with everything working.


  16. Sofi

    Hye, good tutorial! Is the coding available to be used at arduino uno?

  17. Sofi

    Owh I see, I’ve already compile the programming. But my motor doesn’t move. I’m using 6V battery for motor’s power. Is there anything wrong here?

  18. Joseph

    Sir i am so interested to build this project. Can I have the wiring diagram of arduino to sensor and to motor driver. A million thanks sir

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  20. Rhydo

    Great job here. I see that others have been able to make this code work, I am facing some issues.
    The robot starts moving forward for a few seconds on power up and then stops. The motors only respond when an obstacle is detected after this. I have checked all my connections. Any guesses why this might be happening?

  21. dhiraj

    i can’t understand about servo where it is connected in motor driver. so please can you help me

  22. Hizbawi Ginbar

    Great tutorial.I built it.But the problem is that the sensor does not sense ,the motors move only forward but the servo works accorgingly.Any idea why.Thanks for your help.

  23. dhiraj

    then where is servo connected.

  24. Hizbawi Ginbar

    My robot is working now.The problem was the HC-SR04 ultrasonic.I ordered 10 of them and all do not work.Thanks for your time. Great tutorial.

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