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  1. ShareBear

    Very cool project. How does the steppers compare to the servo performance wise (speed/torque/noise/software overhead/etc)?


    nice project
    may i know how u connect the gears and servo in the gripper
    if possible please post the image of it

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    […] usual go-to when building a simple robot arm is the ever-pervasive hobby servo. However, these devices are not precise, and are typically jerky […]

  4. Kristian

    Can i replace steppers with the servis,and is the code that you have made fully working with the steppers

    1. Kristian


  5. Dave Albert

    Great job, thank you for sharing it! I printed this on a Cube 3rd gen and it came out very nicely, I only needed to drill out a few holes (1/8″ bit), mainly on the flat plates which were a smidge too tight for M3 screws. My only suggestion so far is to consider adding a support bearing (or just a ring) on the baseplate so the box and arm aren’t supported only by the bottom coupling. (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:53451)

    I’m waiting for more electronics to arrive and will be happy to help with the software development when it’s fully operational (I’m a software engineer).

    Thank you again!

  6. Tehseen

    Hello .. It is a great project.. please make its s IK to control the robot using x y coordinates… It is very important… did you developed that firmware?

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