Dagu Rover 5

Dagu Rover 5

Dagu Rover 5 with 4 motors with encoders, 3 DOF gripper, 9 DOF IMU, Wiicam sensor, SR04 ultrasonic sensor, nRF24L01 wireless module and a bunch of leds 🙂 The robot is powered from one 2S 3000mAh Lipo battery.

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  1. Bruno Ortiz 4WBB0

    What’s up Bajdi,

    Do you mind sharing the total expenses on this vehicle?
    Also, how long does the battery last on this thing?

    The reason i am asking these questions is because we have a school project and we are very new to this concept of building a robot. If you could help us that would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards,


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